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  • In 2013, three friends set out to climb 2 of the 7 Summits and volunteer in every country they passed while traveling between them.


    Along their journey the guys found themselves stranded under the unforgiving sun of a Chilean border town beach, venturing up volcanic cloud forests in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, exploring the mysteries of the Amazon jungle, and fighting a white out snowstorm above 20,000ft.


    But they would also encounter unforgettable cultural experiences and discover a new appreciation for a simpler life.


    Find the inspiration. Follow your dreams. Make a difference.

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    We're just 3 regular guys who acted on a dream



    An adventurist, speaker, musician, & entrepreneur. Jonathan is the expedition leader, director, and creative visionary behind the Between The Peaks story.



    A passionate snowboarder, climber, and humanitarian. Ethan is up for anything and will always have your back. A gifted writer, many of our blog posts came out of his noggin.


    New York

    Triathlete, mountain biker, and a beast of a climber. Ryan is the "I'll go first" guy. A fearless and compassionate adventurer and friend. But he doesn't speak Spanish...

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    The amazing organizations were were fortunate to work with





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